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Motivation of Slovakian voters – research in the 2016 Slovakian National Council election days

When and according to what did the voters decide who to vote for in the March elections into the National Council? Where did the SMER voters dissapear to? What is behind the advancement of SAS? What were the strong points of Kotleba’s LSNS – were they really only about immigration? How did the voters evaluate the leaders of individual parties and their competencies to address issues burdening Slovakia? The answers to these questions can all be found in the research reports for RTVS conducted by MEDIAN SK on the pre-election Friday and election Saturday

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Motivácia slovenských voličov – prieskum do NR SR 2016 vo volebný deň PDF [1566KB]

The results of the research were commented on by Daniel Prokop in the RTVS election studio during the election night and post-election morning.


Election studio – election night




Election studio – post-election morning, 2016 Elections