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Individual research for your brand and portfolio

We can help you to make the right choices in any phase of the life of your brand and products. Research is conducted individually and is tailored to your needs.

When might you need us?

    Are you thinking about what step to take next? New market possibilities, style of brand or product content?
    Are you preparing new ideas of development or communication?
    Would you like to find out how your brand is perceived? Measure its strength on the market, crosscheck its position in the competitive environment? Are you looking for a way how to develop it further?
    Are you deciding about optimization of the media mix and would like to know how well you have invested and whether the campaign was successful? How did it do in relation to KPI?
    Would you like to know how habits change in accordance with consumption and purchase, what the profiles of target groups are and which segments represent a viable potential?
    The customer is the central focus of your attention and you would like to have a better understanding of his needs? Are you looking for ethnographic information?

… or do you have any other enquiries? We are ready for them and prepared to find answers.


We have a rich experience with these market segments and are honoured to have helped such leading brands and companies to grow:

Services healthcare FMCG Finance Transport


From strategy to tactics

BRAND RESEARCH is the most important project which marketing focuses on. It reflects on what the brand is about, how it is truly perceived, what its strengths and weaknesses are and provides clear recommendations on how to develop the brand further.
This project is always very individual, and while it is running we become your partners. We let you tell us stories about the past and delve into the mysteries of your future plans. If you let us into your laboratory, we can help you understand much more and show you which direction to take in the future.


USAGE AND ATTITUDE STUDY will be recommended should you need to learn more about your customers. To maximize the benefit of the acquired information, we connect this research with other long-term and vast projects from our portfolio, e.g. MML-TGI or other projects from the area of media behaviour. The projects can take on various forms and be of different scope, ranging from basic consumer habits to demanding studies of lifestyles and ethnographics.


BRAND TRACKING whether it is repeated or ongoing, helps to keep track of the activities used to support your brand and products and if they correspond with the long-term strategy. We can design an ideal frequency and nature of questions. This research is mostly used in tactical day-to-day decision making.


TESTS OF CONCEPTS OF COMMUNICATION, PRODUCTS AND SERVICES belong to a group of tools which we recommend for minimizing the risks of bad choices. These are single and quick projects providing you with clear recommendations on how to develop your ideas further.


PRICE TESTS and PORTFOLIO OPTIMIZATION RESEARCH will help you fine-tune the marketing mix and become more successful.



We can create an effective research for you. Each research is unique – its contents, target group, method of data collection or analysis tools.


Ask us your questions and we can do the rest.