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For the interviewers

Responsibilities of interviewers, conditions for interviewers

The interviewer’s job entails inquiring respondents residing is the Slovak republic (i.e. persons interviewed for research purposes) concerning their opinions, attitudes, and other relevant information. According to the objective, the respondents are either randomly selected people, or people who meet the required selection criteria according to certain quota. The interviewers conduct the prepared interviews in their neighbourhood and if needed, commute to more remote locations in parts of cities or municipalities.


The interviewers record the answers acquired from the interviewees (respondents) in a given manner into a paper or electronic (laptop/tablet) questionnaire. For the so-called „quota selection“, the interviewers fill in the questionnaire using information acquired from persons (respondents) who meet the demanded critieria, the so-called „quota“. In no case must the interviewer interview his relatives or close acquaintances. The respondents are selected randomly, and provided there are no other special demands, the interviewer never conducts interviews with other members of one family!

We provide interviews for our projects using various methods all over Slovakia. Our interviewers are equipped with either  questionnaires in paper form, laptops or tablets. The interviewers may decide if they want to participate in continual paper surveys held throughout the whole year, electronic surveys, or both. There is no need to be afraid of working with a laptop or tablet, we will provide you with proper training.

The interviewers are rewarded only per completed interview and correctly completed questionnaire, with a respondent that meets the demands stated in the Interview objective.

We gladly welcome collegues for interviews conducted over the telephoe. The telephone center where we manage a number of interesting projects is located in the head office of our company.

Are you interested in working with us?

We offer positions to candidates over 18. Anyone who is sociable with polite manners, has good knowledge of the Slovak language and has a clean record, can become and interviewer. People with genuine interest in public affairs who are communicative and enjoy the company of new people are the  ones who become good interviewers. Respecting opinion of others, the ability of maintaining a neutral position and at the same time creating an atmosphere of trust and trustworthiness are all sought-after qualities in an interviewer. The interviewers should also be optimistic and not easily discouraged by minor failures.

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I want to become an interviewer:


  • Aged over 18
  • Developed communication skills
  • Time flexibility
  • Work responsibility
  • Open to commuting (mileage reimbursement)
  • Basic computer skills if interested in working with a notebook

We offer:

  • Steady job for the whole year
  • Agreement on work activity or Trade License
  • Salaries correspond with scope of questionnaire
  • Payday monthly to your account or in the form of voucher
  • Reimbursement of travel costs, postage costs
  • Free notebook rental
  • Free training courses: online via Skype or in person in Bratislavao (training is compulsory)



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DOWNLOAD FOR INTERVIEWERS:: Security Guidelines Security Project (CZ)